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The cave tour starts at Borivali Station, which is where you will be met by your guide. On the first leg of your adventure, you will ride a “tuk-tuk” through the busy lanes of Mumbai to reach the Kanheri Caves. These caves are a group of rock-cut, ancient caves that are located in Borivali. On your way to the caves, you will pass the green forests of Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The carvings and architecture of Kanheri, mirror the ancient Hinayana Buddhism. There are around 109 caves that are carved from the basalt rock. The hall of the caves contains a Stupa, which is a Buddhist shrine. Once you are done exploring the caves, you can opt for a safari. A well-informed guide will accompany you on your drive through the park.
Explore the historical caves that have been carved from basalt rock.
On your way to the caves, enjoy the green forests of Sanjay Gandhi National Park.
Ride a “tuk-tuk” through the busy lanes of Mumbai to reach the Kanheri Caves.
Cancellation Charges
6 Hours : 100%
24 Hours : 75%
48 Hours : 50%
48+ Hours : 25%
Auto Rickshaw Ride from Borivali Station to Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Bus Ride from Sanjay Gandhi National Park to Kanheri Caves
English-speaking guide
Lunch at local restaurant
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Participants are requested to carry a bottle of water with them along with a pair of sunglasses. While on this activity, make sure you stay alert as the monkeys sometimes get too close for comfort.
Multiple days at 9:30am
Borivali East
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28 Jul 16

Lovely journey,good place, do visit with kids.


28 Jul 16

This is an amazing safari. It takes you at Kanheri Caves which is at SGNP. Loved that place as well. There are lot of caves. The carving is pretty old but worth watching. Do visit with family

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