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We, Bachelor Juice House, are a firm venturing in the Food & Beverage segment of the Restaurant Industry. A historic & legendary eatery based in Mumbai, we have extended our operations to ice-cream manufacturing, catering & franchising. Our flagship brand is “Bachelorr’s”. Our core business is serving fast-foods, ice-creams, juices, milkshakes, etc. to customers who come to us. We are mainly known for our quality, taste, innovations, serving styles & service. We cater in Mumbai but over the years have also captured tourists coming from not only domestic cities like Surat, Baroda, Sanchor, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kolkata, Raipur, Bangalore but also from international hubs like London, Singapore &Dubai!
Our History
Bachelorr’s – initially known as Brahamchari’s – was established by Late Mr. Om Prakash Agarwal in the early 30’s (probably in 1932) on the quiet beach of GirgaonChowpatty. Mr. Om Prakash Agarwal, belonging to a Ghaziabad in U. P., had run away from his home as a teen & come to Mumbai with almost no money. Here, in Mumbai, he somehow arranged for his livelihood by doing any job that he could get & slogged. Within a year or two,he started vending fruits at a rented stall on Chowpatty. Later he rented another place opposite to the beach where he would store the fruits as business was picking. Gradually the business started flourishing and he used to get good customers. Some customers also asked for the fruits to be cut and served in a dish. Mr. Om Prakash Agarwal started giving that service to the customers
Our Popularity
Bachelorr’s has been part of every Mumbaikar since 1930’s, right from Royal Families (Kings & Queens), Iconic Leaders/Politicians, Bollywood Celebrities (veterans & current set), High-profile Socialists, Mega Industrialists, The Indian Cricket Team, Glamorous CEO’s & even notorious gangsters to the greatest of amongst everyone…the Mumbaiya common-man comprising college students,office goers & other middle-class income earners. It is recollected that when Late Haji Mastanji was in jail during emergency, regular parcels of juices were sent across from Bachelorr’s. We have been featured in national as well as international media, both print & video, number of times. Our signature creation, The Bachelorr’s Classic Chocolate has been stated, by many prominent members of the country & international tourists as the “Best Milkshake In The World”. Bachelorr’s serves you all, proudly!thus, we formally & almost for the 1st time in Mumbai started the ‘fruit platter” (Now common throughout Mumbai).
Bachelorr’s is in proximity to ‘Mani-Bhavan’, the ashram where ‘Gandhiji’resided during stays in Mumbai. It is believed that ‘Gandhiji’, while staying in ‘Mani- Bhavan’, visited the shop for the fruit platter.Mr. Om Prakash Agarwal had, by then, become famous as ‘Brahamchari’amongst the customers, as he had not married till then. This gave the shop its informal name...‘Brahamchari’s’.
The Bachelorr’s Way!
At Bachelorr’s we have always worked in a very casual & un-business-like way. We always treat all our customers as our guests & this is well understood through our belief in the Hindu saying “Guests are like God!”. We always try to value our customers’ money & at every possible level try to create & retain values.
Bachelorrs’ Milestones:
At Bachelorr’s we calculate our milestones with the feedback that we receive & comparing with what we perceive. Thus providing us how actually to perceive.Bachelorr’s, over the years, has also grown tremendously with regard to achievements & respect!
Table reservation recommended
Fast Food,
Home Delivery
Vegetarian Only
Zomato Fulfilled Delivery
Desserts and Bakes
Smoking Area
Known For
Variety of Shakes served till late at night.
45, Chowpatty Sea Face,
NetajiSubhash Chandra Bose Marg,
Marine Drive-Chowpatty,
Phone Numbers
022 23682211
022 23688889


04 Aug 16

This place is near to my home and I have by now tasted almost everything that they serve and it is simply amazing. My personal favorites are Paneer Chilli Grilled Sandwich, Mozzarella cheese pizza and Mocha Maharaja.


03 Aug 16

These are one of those places which are open till late night. Love the food and the crowd here. Cheese Grill Sandwich is my favorite. The strawberry Smoothie is also awesome.

Phone Number

022 23682211
022 23688889

Email Id

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45, Chowpatty Sea Face, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Marg, Marine Drive-Chowpatty, Mumbai

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