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We are city dwellers whose yearning for pastoral life gave birth to Balaji Farms and Country Homes.

Far from the maddening crowds, just 100 km from Mumbai, cocooned amongst the western ghats, we have recreated all the simple elements of village life within seven acres of land – fields, orchards, temple, pond, waterfall, farm animals, and last but not the least – Indian country homes, made by unskilled hands, with natural materials and rustic décor, which are comfortable, clean and furnished with necessary amenities. Balaji Farm is not a resort, it is our country home – lovingly and painstakingly made and we offer to share it with you. Every weekend we enjoy the simple joys of waking up with the cackle of geese and spending the day walking in the fields, swinging, kite flying, rowing, fishing, planting, feeding the fowl and cattle, riding a bullock cart, star gazing or just watching time go by with nature. Visit our home and share these joys.

The vast and ancient country that India is, it amazes you with the diversity of building forms that have evolved over the ages. Traditional Indian construction is affordable, ecological and richly decorated with arts and crafts. The almost unbelievable truth about this country is that if you drive out of any metropolis within 100 kilometers you will see people actually living in habitats like their ancestors did thousands of years ago

Balaji Country Homes has recreated these ecologically balanced, richly decorated traditions of India through four homes, Jal, Vayu, Prithvi and Akaash which are typical of western, eastern, northern and southern Indian buildings traditions respectively.

Each country home has a spacious porch, a large living & dining area, a bed room and a bathroom.

Balaji Farms & Country Homes
Uddar Village
Wapheghar Post,
Via Pali,
Sudhagad Taluka,
Raigad District,
Maharashtra - 410205,
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06 Aug 16

Lovely place, awesome property, good hospitality. Looking forward to visit this place again.


06 Aug 16

Awesome place. Had a great time.

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Balaji Farms & Country HomesUddar VillageWapheghar Post,Via Pali,Sudhagad Taluka,Raigad District,Maharashtra - 410205, India