Kala Ghoda is back!

If you’re a true Mumbaikar, the title of this piece has already gotten you a little excited. Oh yes! Kala Ghoda 2016 is here! It will commence on the 6th of February and will go on till 14th of February.


Every year, the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (KGAF) celebrates India’s heritage and culture with a smorgasbord of events including visual arts, music, literature, theatre and so much more. Last year’s Kala Ghoda Festival had witnessed over 150,000 people come and be a part of Mumbai’s largest cultural festival during the year.

Here are 7 reasons why you should be going this year too!

#1 Art Installations!

Such is the beauty of KGAF which greets you with art made with so much inspiration and love, it will make you swoon.

#2 Music!

This year in KGAF, a kaleidoscope of musicians and artists have been invited to fill your evenings with classical goodness.

Musical genius, Karsh Kale will be visiting KGAF 2016 with other greats like ehsaan and loy. Also, budding musicians with classical fusion styles will get you grooving, so don’t miss them!

Here’s a schedule you can check out!

Karsh Kale

#3 Get Soaked in Creativity!


Get your creative juices flowing by listening to masters of their art as they guide you through a journey about their craft. These workshops are held throughout the course of the festival and will be held at Artisans' and Artists' Centre at Ador House and at Somaiya Centre for Learning at Somaiya Bhavan.

Padmashree Dr. Sunil Kothari will be conducting a workshop on dance on 11th Feb

From workshops about photography to a unique songwriting workshop by Canada’s jazz musician, Kevin Dean, KGAF has a buffet of catalysts to get your year moving!

Here’s a list of workshops in KGAF 2016.

#4 There’s a place for everyone in KGAF!

Fear not if you have kids! KGAF 2016 has your back covered as special events have been organised just to keep your little ones busy!

Book reading in a Garden? Check.

Book Swaps? Check.

Hopscotch? Check.


Need we say more? Click here for children and childrens’ literature.

#5 Laughs for the Healthy heart!

Stand-up comedy has bloomed in India in the last few years. That being said, it is pretty clear KGAF supports and endorses this as it welcomes stand-up comedians to come fill your day with laughter. Kala Ghoda’s Irish House will host some of the most popular in the field as  well as fresh comedians!

Pic Courtesy: www.buzzintown.com

Although Kala Ghoda hasn’t still declared their comedians, keep a watch on this space to know more.

#6 More!

Want more? KGAF 2016 has over 10 categories to aid your bored soul and inspire the sleeping artist inside you. Come alone, come with friends but be rest assured when you come here you will be a part of the movement. A movement which endorses our rich culture and celebrates our love for music, art and food in the most unique way, all in one place!

Here’s where you should be headed to check out their schedule and various events they have in store for you.

#7 Make in India Festival

And… it doesn’t stop here!

The KGA group has another a few days booked from 13th to 17th February with many cultural music and dance programs in addition to a food display which will make your jaw drop.

The Make in India Festival will happen on all days from 5pm to 10pm.






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