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Weave some golden moments that you will cherish for a lifetime by taking part in this enthralling and sensational skydiving activity, at Dhule.
The premier providers offer one of its kind service in India, which presents the chance of enjoying a thrilling and exciting session of skydiving close to the buzzing towns of Mumbai, Pune and Nasik. Enjoy a marvellous and fascinating session of skydiving, and behold the breath-taking aerial view of the beautiful landscape and city. The sensational fights will take place over the city of Mumbai in a small plane. Enjoy the adrenaline rush and gushing thrill as you take a dive in the open sky. The exciting skydiving session will take place under the vigilance of experienced and qualified instructors, who will also provide the necessary basic training of the same.
Cherish exciting memories for a lifetime, by taking part in the enthralling and sensational skydiving activity, at Dhule
Enjoy a marvellous and fascinating session of skydiving, and behold the breath-taking aerial view of the landscape
Enjoy a sensational and exciting session of skydiving close to the buzzing towns of Mumbai, Pune and Nasik
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Children below 5 years of age are not allowed on flights. Children between 5 and 12 years of age will need a valid ticket and must be accompanied by an adult. Pregnant women are strictly prohibited from taking the ride from the 28th week of their pregnancy. Guests will have to confirm in writing that they and all for whom they are booking, will abide unconditionally with all the terms and conditions, written here, apart from generally accepted norms of flying. Any failure to do so will automatically imply non-conformance and the booking will be cancelled forthwith and 20% of the total fees will be withheld before refunding the remaining amount after 15 working days.After booking, a guest detail confirmation form is mailed. It is mandatory to fill and return this form.
A booking will not be considered complete without receipt of the confirmation form and guests may not be able to take the flight if this form is not submitted.Guests should strictly avoid taking food two-hours before the flight to avoid nausea and vomiting midair, which could cause a safety concern. A valid photo ID is required for entry into the airport. Guests must carry a valid government-approved ID for flights. Guests of foreign origin must necessarily carry their original passport.
Cameras (still/video), food, and beverages are not allowed in the airport premises. Cameras are strictly prohibited under the Air Traffic Control and DGCA rules. Taking photographs on the flight may lead to cameras being confiscated and guests being charged under relevant rules by authorities. All requisites for regular flight take-off and landing will have to be followed. Guests have to report 30 minutes prior to their flying schedule. If the guest fails to report on time, the voucher becomes invalid and the guest will be considered a “No Show” and no refund will be processed. Dues, if any, will have to be paid before the flight. The flight will commence only after all the guests arrive as per the schedule. The number of guests on board and the type of aircraft to be used is at the sole discretion of the management.The flight route is decided solely by the Air Traffic Control and the management has no control over it. Guests will have no say in the route before or during the flight. Confirmed bookings cannot be rescheduled or cancelled by the guests. In such cases, no refunds will be processed. No assistance will be offered to climb on to the aircraft or alight from it.
Any disagreement in terms of seating/climbing on to the aircraft that leads to disruption/cancellation of the flight will entail no refunds.Choice of seating in the plane will be at the discretion of the management and pilot. Any disagreement by the guest, after booking, leading to withdrawal from the flight will be considered as voluntary abandonment and no refunds will be processed. Small aircraft require a lot of weight balance for flying. Seating will be allocated with weight balance and safety as paramount considerations. In the interest of the safety of the flight and passengers, the average weight of all guests should be 70 kg. If the average weight is skewed because of guests weighing more than 80 kg, then such guests will be accommodated in another flight to average the total weight. Guests weighing more than 85kg may have to buy two coupons. Any behavior by guests that intentionally/unintentionally delays or cancels a flight is unacceptable and no refunds will be processed in such a case. Flights may be cancelled or rescheduled due to weather conditions, wind speed, poor visibility, technical reasons, traffic congestion, Air Traffic Control approval, etc.
The management will take due care to intimate guests of such events but it may be possible that any or many of these may happen at the last minute before take-off. In such an event, the flight will be rescheduled for a later time/day by the management. After 3 such attempts to reschedule, money will be refunded. If any guests are of foreign origin, the same must be disclosed at the time of booking or else on discovering the same, the coupon and the flight will be cancelled and no refund will be processed. All local/national laws and rules, dress code, consumption of intoxicants, etc. are applicable. Bombay Flying Club, the pilots, and the management have the right to accept or reject passengers on board.
Management reserves the right to deny the flight to anyone not conforming to the general code of conduct in the premises as well as those who are under the influence of any substance which the management/pilot perceives will hamper the safety of the flight and guests. In such cases, no refunds will be processed. The management will not be responsible for the safety of passengers’ valuables.
Fly Over Mumbai is and will NOT be responsible for any unfortunate eventualities that occur before, during, or after the flight to any guests. Guests, if they wish to, may take independent insurance. Pricing is and will remain the sole responsibility of the management. Management reserves the rights to amend, add, or delete any terms and conditions at any time and at all times, the amended terms and conditions, if any, will be in force. Guests will have to adhere to the terms and conditions at all times.
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29 Jul 16

This is simply AMAZING!!! I am glad that I got the slot on the perfect day of my life that is my anniversary. My wife and I had a great time. I would recommend this to all those who love adventures.


29 Jul 16

I had been to this place with my friends last week and we had a gala time. The view is just awesome. I now have a lot of memories to cherish.

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