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Engine Investigation Program
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About the program:
Engine Investigation is a 3 day extensive practical training program in which participants will disassemble and assemble the multi cylinder engine ( 4 wheeler) & single cylinder engine (2 wheeler) with their own hands. Other than this students will also learn about Engine Advancements in this program.
Why you should attend this program?
Today Industry needs skilled people to do their job but our educational institutes only provide theoretical knowledge to the students. We believe only such practical training program can bridge the gap between college and Industry, so either if we you are looking to get a practical learning or want to make wonderful career in the Industry you must attend this program.
When and where it will happen?
This program is going to happen from 17/06/16 to 19/06/16 at Prigma Technology Center Mumbai.
Day 1:
Session 1:
Engine Basics-Brief Journey of Engine Development and future Industrial/Consumer Expectations.
Gasoline/Diesel Cycles and their Technical differences, Compression Ratio selection and its effects on engine design & performance.
Ignition System, Timings and their variation with change in Engine Parameters.
Valve timings and variation on engine operating conditions.
Combustion- Combustion analysis, causes and remedies for abnormal combustion.
Design Complexities of Multi-Cylinder Engines.
Engine Performance Parameters (Power/Torque Curves and interpretations).
Day 1
Session 2:
Orientation- Demonstration on engines, Dismantling sequence, Introduction to tools and equipment, Do & Don’t.
Complete Motorbike Engine dismantling.
Day 2
Session 3:
Complete motorbike engine assembly
Day 2
Session 4:
Orientation: Demonstration on Engines, Dismantling Sequence, Introduction to special tools, Do & Don’ts.
Car Engine Dismantling.
Session 5:
Complete car engine Assembly
Day 3
Session 6:
Introduction to EMS system for Gasoline Engine.
Engine emission norms, strategy for BSVI and changes in current EMS System.
Introduction to GDI and HCCI engines.
Prigma Technology Centre Mumbai,
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Fri Jun 17 2016
At 09:00 am

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