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Greetings from The Waltair Group!
Further to our interactions earlier and your inclination to Sky Dive with us in India, we thank you for being a part of the Adrenaline Brigade.We finished the 2011 season of Sky dives in India with a BANG!! We now want you all to gear up for the 2012 season and take your Leap of Faith!The first 5 batches of our Sky Diving Camps were conducted in Dhana (M.P.) between October and December 2011. The camps were a grand success!!In our constant endeavor to take Sky Diving to the next level in India, we introduce our new Drop Zone in Baramati Airport, Pune Distt., Maharashtra (2 hours drive from Pune city).
We welcome you to join us for the upcoming batches at Baramati (District Pune, Maharashtra) as under:
Batch 1 – January 13 to 15, 2012
Batch 2 – January 20 to 22, 2012
This is a very exclusive camp and hence Very Limited slots are available. Therefore kindly note that Registrations are purely on First come - First serve basis.
Please check out the attachments to get an overview of the Camp details.
For further details, please feel free to call us on 09329723633/ 09820156817 or write back to us at mrd@escapade-thrills.com or kgandhi@escapade-thrills.com with your details (i.e., Name, Location, Contact Number, Jump Interested in, etc.)For your convenience on the registration process as well the tariffs, please find details below:
Costs: In INR includes:
All necessary Taxes and Discounts,
All nights Hotel accommodation on Twin sharing basis,
All Breakfasts & Lunches during the duration of the camp.
Static line Options (Rs.):
1 jump (FJC) 27,500/
2 jumps 38,000/
3 jumps 44,000/
Tandem Jump Options (Rs.):
• With Photo & video 36,000/-
• Tandem Jump Options on weekdays (between 16th and 19th Jan, 2012): Rs. 30,000/-
• Payments through Cash/ Cheque/ DD/ NEFT/ Credit cards/ Debit cards and would be in advance during your registration and slot booking.
• We are looking forward to your participation at the earliest.
• It is indeed our pleasure to have you joining us to form the Adrenaline Brigade and be a part of History in the making!!
1. Tandem Jump (with an Instructor piggy backing you) -
Tandem jumping allows first-time jumpers to experience the thrill and excitement of the sport without the preparation and knowledge required for a solo jump. The instructor controls the jump from exit to opening and landing, so training for a tandem jump is minimal -- usually under two hours.
The student wears a harness which attaches to the instructor's parachute system. The pair exits the aircraft for a controlled freefall of up to 45 seconds from around 9000-10000ft above sea level. The instructor deploys the parachute approximately 5,000 feet above the ground and guides you to a safe, soft landing under an extra-large "ram-air" parachute.
2. Static Line (Self Jump inclusive of 2-3 days or training) -
This conventional method is often used by the military but is also used in sport parachuting as the first step in skydiving training. A first static line jump course (5 Jumps) lasts from 2 to 3 days.
Most static line jumps are made approximately 4,000 feet above the ground. A line attached from the parachute to the aircraft opens the parachute as the student falls away. It takes about 300 feet before the parachute inflates completely. The parachute ride will take about five minutes, during which the student is guided to the ground by either radio contact or ground signals.
Training Syllabus for Static Line Ground Training:
The dates for the registration would be from the 1st Sep, 2011onwards...
Costs: In INR includes:
All necessary Taxes and Discounts,
2 nights Hotel accommodation on Twin sharing basis,
All Breakfasts & Lunches during the duration of the camp.
Programme/ Itinerary:
Tandem jumps will be done every 2 hours on DAY 1,2 & 3.
Day 0 Thursday Night
Overnight Journey to Base Camp (SAGAR, M.P.)
Day 1 Friday
Arrive at Sagar and Check-in Hotel. After Breakfast, move to Air Base. Enjoy the Ground training for the entire day. Lunch in Airbase Cafeteria. Evening free to Relax.
Day 2 Saturday
Wake up Early morning and after a healthy breakfast, move to Air Base. Recap of Ground Training for the first half till you're prepared and good to GO!!!
Post some light Lunch, Jumps Begin...... During the evening, have a great sharing your experiences for the day...
Day 3 Sunday
Jumps continue till noon. Post Lunch, Check-out from Hotel. Cab takes you to the Station/ Airport for your Return journey back home.
Day 4 Monday
Arrive at home early morning and its time to get back to some work!!
Some useful links:
Our Website/ Event Page:
Please feel free to get in touch with us in case of any further clarification or assistance.
Together WE CAN, and WE WILL Make it Happen!
TIME Fri Jan 13 2012 at 07:00 am to Sun Jan 22 2012 at 04:00 pm
Mumbai/Pune Expressway,


08 Aug 16

This event was simply amazing. It was full of thrill and excitement. I will surely visit this event again.


04 Aug 16

We had the time.. What a lovely experience. It was full of thrill and adventure. I am surely going to recommend this place to my family and friends.

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